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Silicone Couplet

Reinforced Silicone Coupler and Clamp Kit, 2.0" - Blue

SIL000580 by Silicone Intake Systems

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Get rid of those tired, unreliable, ugly couplers and clamps and upgrade to these premium quality parts.

If you're like most people, chances are that your current intake piping is held together by a random assortment of rubber couplers and coolant hoses purchased on EBay or at a hardware store. Rubber parts, or silicone parts without reinforcement, can create boost leaks and always tend to fail at the worst possible time. They also are not designed to stand up to the heat and pressure created in a modified turbo intake. By using these reinforced silicone couplers, you can be certain that your intake is reliable and free of leaks.

This kit also includes our high-quality Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps. Worm gear clamps like you buy at a hardware or auto parts store can damage your intake couplers. They often break when you tighten them, and they can't be tightened enough to hold couplers on pipes during moments of high boost. Upgrade to this kit now to make sure everything stays together like it's supposed to.

Please note the following when you order silicone parts online. Some vendors have started counting the layers of silicone instead of the layers of reinforcement when talking about the ply. For example, a 3-ply reducer has four layers of silicone plus three layers of reinforcement fabric. Some vendors might incorrectly call this a 4-ply reducer because of the four layers of silicone. All of our silicone parts are now of Genuine 4-Ply construction - that's 5 layers of silicone plus 4 layers of reinforcement for 9 total layers!

Genuine 4-ply Silicone (5 silicone layers plus 4 reinforcement layers = 9 total layers!)
Installer can cut silicone parts down to fit with a razor
Heat tolerance: -40 to 392 Fahrenheit
Burst Pressure: 200 PSI
Working Pressure: 50 PSI
Wall Size: 4 mm - 5 mm
Compatible with antifreeze/coolant

The clamps are smooth on the inside and will not bite into silicone like worm gear clamps.
Clamping ability is over 20 times greater than worm gear clamps.
Bolt is easy to tighten since it is out away from the clamping surface.
Clean, shiny, and professional looking - show quality clamps.
Do not get dirty as easily as worm gear clamps, and are easier to clean.

Kit Contents:

8 Silicone Couplers
16 T-Bolt Clamps of the appropriate size

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