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FAQ about our service

Q: I need a part, different size, or different color that I do not see on your website...

A: Everything that we have is available for sale on this website. If you do not see it, please check the Coming Soon section. It is updated frequently, and you may find that your part is scheduled to go up for sale very soon.

Q: How much is shipping??

A: Shipping will calculate and apply to your order automatically before you confirm your order. The cost depends on what you order.

Q: I saw a silicone hose similar to yours on another website for nearly three times the cost! What is the difference?

A: Click here for the answer.

Q: What brand are your parts?

A: Unless otherwise noted in the item descriptions, these are Silicone Intake Systems brand hoses. We do not write our logo all over our parts - if you want to advertise for us, that should be your decision. Unlabeled hoses will give you a cleaner look in your engine bay.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Click here for the answer.

Q: Can I preorder a product and have you ship when you get it in stock?

A: We will not take people�s money for an order unless it is in stock and ready to ship. You may Contact Us and ask to be placed on our email list, and we can contact you when your items are ready to be ordered.

Q: Can I pay with a money order/wire transfer?

A: We can accept cash, money orders, or wire transfers for orders totaling over $500 ONLY � no exceptions! There is a $20 wire transfer fee which is imposed by our bank. Paying with a money order or wire transfer will delay your order by up to 3 business days AFTER the payment clears. To use one of these payment methods, please give us an exact list of the parts you are looking for and your preferred payment method. We will reply to you with an invoice.

Q: Could I have a discount?

There is a permanent 10% discount available if you do one of the following: 1. Put our 4x2 racing sticker on your car and email us a digital picture of it. If you want to do this, be sure to request that we ship a sticker with your order and let me know if you want black/white or yellow/blue. 2. Link to our website in a forum or website (it must be an actual hyperlink, not just the text) and send me a link to see it.

Q: What is the difference between working pressure and burst pressure?

A: Burst pressure is the point where the part may actually explode under the pressure. In automotive applications, it is common to use a 4:1 correction factor for the maximum boost that you should run through a part. IE if the burst pressure is 200 PSI, the working pressure (or most pressure you should run) is 50 PSI. Even so, at levels over 50 PSI, blowing hoses off their joiners would probably be the biggest concern.

Q: What size reducer do I need for my oval pipe?

A: To determine what size coupler you need, what you can do is wrap a string around your pipe and then measure the string, then divide by pi (3.14159) to get the size you need. I can�t tell you for sure weather that size will fit � it depends on the exact shape of your pipe and type of coupler.

Q: Which T-bolt clamp size should I order?

A: All of our clamps are listed based on clamping silicone parts � the wall size of the silicone part adds to the required clamping ability. Silicone parts have a wall size of around .18 inches. For example, a 2.5 size clamp has an actual clamping ability of 2.60 to 2.91 (74/66 mm). A 2.5 inch inner diameter pipe with a 2.5 silicone coupler would have a total outer diameter of around 2.86 inches, making our 74/66 clamp a perfect fit. If you are not clamping silicone parts, please order based on actual clamping ability and the outer diameter of whatever you are clamping.

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