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Shipping Updates

We welcome FedEx as our new shipping partner. FedEx Ground will save our customers up to 44% compared to USPS Priority Mail rates.

Although slower, FedEx Ground is less expensive for packages over 4 pounds, includes $100 of insurance at no extra charge, and has enhanced tracking.

We have changed the way our system stores your tracking number. We previously relied on our payment processor or PayPal to send an email notifying you of your tracking number. Their performance was flaky at best. We modified our system so that you will get an email directly from us containing your tracking number along with a clickable tracking link. Your tracking number will also be available in your Order History in our website, and clickable there as well. Enjoy!

Special rate tables have also been introduced for European countries and Australia. This allows us to charge shipping more fairly since Australian USPS shipping is up to 22% more expensive.

In the past, we have used your PayPal shipping address when paying with PayPal, but now we will use the Ship To address listed with your order on our website. This will make it easier to have us ship parts to the location where your car is stored, or drop ship.

UPDATE: FedEx is nickel-and-diming us to death. Here are some of the hidden fees we have discovered so far:

  • Residential charge: $2.30 per residential shipment
  • Residential charge #2: Another $2.30 for most residential shipments (?)
  • Delivery area - comm: $1.50 for most commercial addresses I guess?
  • "Address correction": $6 if FedEx classifies your address as one city but you enter it as another - even if both are technically correct!
  • Fuel surcharge: Around 9-13% of the total shipping cost
Bottom line: our first FedEx bill was 69% actual transportation charges, and 31% fictional overcharges! Not only that, but the 31% is just an average - we shipped one thing where the actual shipping charge was $4.99 and FedEx charged us almost $13!! We lost a ton on shipping and we have had to adjust our FedEx rate tables to compensate for all of these extra mysterious charges.

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