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Reinforced Silicone Heater Hose is just what you need for optimal engine cooling.

Reinforced Silicone Heater Hose

1.0" Reinforced Silicone Heater Hose, Black (per foot)

WAT000646 by Silicone Intake Systems

PRICE: $7.49

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This Silicone Heater Hose is perfect for replacing your factory engine coolant lines.

Silicone is shiny and easier to clean, and looks much nicer than factory rubber hose. It is more resistant to chemicals, pressure and heat, and is more resistant to degradation and cracking compared to rubber heater hose. This silicone heater hose is also especially suited to running coolant lines to and from a turbocharger, where the coolant, surrounding air temperature, and metal attachment point might be much hotter than regular coolant passages.

Here are a couple things to look out for when purchasing these silicone heater hoses. First, make sure the part is all silicone, not a rubber inner with silicone coating. Our lines are all silicone with a fabric reinforcement layer. Second, check the wall size. Ours have 0.16" walls for great pressure abilities and good resistance to cuts and nicks. Remember to order clamps based on outer diameter, which will be the inner diameter plus double the wall thickness. We recommend our stainless steel worm gear clamps for these silicone heater hoses.

If you order 10 of these, we will ship you 10 feet of continuous hose. The longest length of hose we can ship is 100 feet.

Compatible with either pure water or antifreeze/coolant.

Temperature Compatibility: -65F to 350F

Maximum Working Pressure: 65 PSI

Burst Pressure: 300 PSI

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