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4' Flexible Stainless Steel Radiator Hose

Flexible Stainless Steel Radiator Hose, 4' Long

WAT009665 by Shaman Equipment

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This is the "right answer" for replacing your factory radiator hoses.

Made of flexible, formable corrugated stainless steel, this product can flex and bend to make just about any shape, and will hold its shape once bent without leaking. It's easy to cut to length with a variety of tools including hacksaws, reciprocating saws, and cutoff wheels.

It's metal, which will conduct heat away from your coolant, assisting with engine cooling. It looks much nicer than rubber hoses, and has dramatically increased resistance to holes, nicks, chemicals, and leaks. It's flexible enough to accommodate engine movement and vibration with room to spare.

We noticed products like this on the market that come with rubber couplers and rubber inserts that can adapt the size down for smaller radiator inlet/outlet sizes. In fact, we tried one of those kits on our shop car. After blowing the hose off more than once and stripping the low quality worm gear clamps that came in the kit trying to tighten it down enough to hold the insert and switching to our stainless steel worm gear clamps, and nearly warping the head due to overheating, we decided that rubber inserts are not sufficient for holding cooling system pressure. We now sell this great and versatile product without the handicap of rubber couplers and inserts. Check out our silicone reducers and stainless steel worm gear clamps, which will allow you to install this stainless steel radiator hose on any hose system from 1" to 2".

The outer diameter of this product is 1.625" (That's 1-5/8"). So you should order 1.625" couplers/reducers and clamps to attach this product to your size of radiator inlet/outlet. This product is available in 1', 2', 3', and 4' lengths. Please note that we can not cut it to order - so if you order five one-foot sections, we will ship you five separate one-foot sections, not one five-foot section.

Don't mess around with rubber couplers and inserts; your cooling system is the only thing standing between you and a new engine.

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