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T-pipes make for an easy installation.


BOV T-Pipe with 2.0" V-Band Flange - 2.5"

SSB000452 by Shaman Equipment

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This Stainless Steel T-pipe is designed to have a Tial 50MM BOV (or compatible) attached directly to it. The required O-ring and V-band clamp should have been included with your Tial style BOV (they are not included with this item.)

Because of the simple style of the Tial flange, you can also weld a different flange on this T-pipe.

This T-pipe also has a lip on both ends to firmly hold your couplers in place.

BOV is sold separately.This T-Pipe works perfectly with our Type 0, Type 1, or Type 2 BOV.

This is not a Tial product. We are not affiliated with Tial in any way. This is not a duplicate, replica, knockoff, or reproduction of a Tial product - the flange is just identical for your convenience.

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