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We sell Aluminum Pipe for automotive use.

Aluminum Pipe

1' Straight Aluminum Pipe, 2.5"

SIL000276 by Silicone Intake Systems

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Use this section of aluminum pipe for any project.

Works extremely well for intercooler pipe fabrication or intake pipe fabrication. Aluminum is very lightweight while being resistant to rust.

The smooth mandrel bends create optimal airflow and ease of welding.

This aluminum pipe is 6061-T grade. 6 series alloys have relatively good formability, weldability, machinability, and corrosion resistance. This aluminum pipe is mirror polished and does not have a coating. It is 0.065" thick.

It can be installed as-is or cut down by the installer to fit your installation perfectly, or cut into multiple pieces for great versatility and value.

This aluminum pipe is measured based on outer diameter and is 1' long. It has a bead rolled on each end so you can install with couplers and clamps as-is, or cut it down and weld.

Aluminum Pipe

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