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High temperature water hose for a wide array of projects.

High Temperature Water Hose

3/4"(19mm) ID water hose, black (per foot)

This water hose is designed to be used as fluid lines for use with our Water to Air Intercoolers.

This 3/4" hose flows 44% more than standard 5/8" hose! ((3.14159*(3/4/2)^2)-(3.14159*(5/8/2)^2))/(3.14159*(5/8/2)^2)=0.44

Designed for use in automotive applications carrying nearly boiling water through a 200 degree engine bay, it is also well suited for regular garden hose duty or for semi-permanent garden or fountain project installation and is the highest quality and strongest garden hose you can buy.

If you order 10 of these, we will ship you 10 feet of continuous hose. The longest length of hose we can ship is 100 feet, however you could easily make a longer length using our 3/4" barbed straight fittings sold separately.

Compatible with either pure water or antifreeze/coolant.

We also sell 3/4" barbed straight fittings so you can repair this hose in a hurry just in case you somehow manage to damage it.

PRICE: $3.49

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