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Contact Us Through Facebook: Nope

If you've arrived on this page, you've probably tried to send us a message through Facebook and received our auto-response.

It is not possible for us to review or respond to Facebook messages without violating the civil rights of our employees.

Facebook does not allow any type of administration (including responding to messages) for a business page without being logged in to a personal Facebook account, nor does Facebook allow creation or use of a fake, duplicate, business-only, dummy or administrative account. Some may find this unbelievable so I have linked it here: In short: to answer your message, our employee would be required to 1. Create a single, personal Facebook page for themselves (their ONLY Facebook profile allowed by Facebook TOS), 2. Link their only allowed, personal Facebook account to our business page, and 3. Log in to their personal Facebook page while at work, potentially exposing data they wish to protect to our network, to do work on our business page.

Our employees have a right to equal treatment regardless of their personal social preferences, religious choices and social standing, guaranteed by both the US Constitution and the Colorado Lifestyle Discrimination Act. If our employee wishes to keep their private data to themselves, or simply not interact with Facebook at all they have that right - it is a legal right, a moral right, and absolutely a self-evident truth. Furthermore, we cannot fire or refuse to hire a person who may have been banned from Facebook for exercising their first amendment rights in a way Facebook has arbitrarily decided is not allowed, which we might have to do if responding to Facebook messages were a core part of the job function.

To obligate our employees to create a Facebook page and/or use their only personal Facebook page for work as a condition of employment and under threat of termination, our only recourse, would be to deprive them of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just imagine how you would feel if you were at work and you were informed by your boss that you would have to link your Facebook page to the company page or else be fired. Unfortunately, is not able to reply to Facebook messages or otherwise maintain our page for this reason.

It is deeply tragic and inexcusable that Facebook has created this situation and downright embarrassing that our legislators allow it to perpetuate. It's regrettable that we are not able to interact with you through Facebook, but it is a lesser evil compared to trampling on the basic human rights of our team.

Please contact us instead through

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