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Scammers and Phishing Attempts

"Phishing � noun - the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers."

Recently a handful of our customers have received emails after placing their orders asking for full credit card details. Do not pay any attention to those emails, reply to them, or download any attachments. They are called "phishing attempts" and they are just scammers trying to get your credit card number.

"But how did they know that I placed an order through your site?"

Chances are, they didn't! It's most likely that some scammer just took our name and is just blasting their emails at every email address, and it's coincidental that you placed an order.

"Has my personal data been compromised?"

Absolutely not, unless you replied to the scammer email. You can tell that none of your personal information leaked from our site or server, because if the scammer had it, then they wouldn't need to send you an email asking for it.

"How do I know what emails to respond to?" will never email you from an email address at a different domain such as Our emails will always come from domains. Additionally, we will never request complete credit card details by email. Only if you placed your order by credit card, a portion of the card number may be requested for verification in rare circumstances, however when we do that, we also offer an alternative verification method.

"What is the safest way to contact you?"

Use the contact form on our web page, and always make sure you are visiting a web address in the domain "".

"What's wrong with your company that I got this email?"

It's unavoidable that some criminal used our name to try to trick you into giving your credit card details. It happens to every company. Here at the office we get at least five emails a day, every day, telling us that our Amazon order has been cancelled. You can get more details by doing an online search for "phishing".

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